Been There Done That: Heather Noddings and the Sophomore Portfolio Review

Posted on Jan 31st, 2010 by Command Save


above: Typography by Heather Noddings and applied to a t-shirt for a 210 assignment.

Welcome to the third installment of Command Save interviewing 2009 Spring Portfolio Review participants. This information is meant to help the 2010 Sophomore Portfolio Review Participants! Read on!

We asked Junior Heather Noddings a few questions and she graciously supplied answers!

Please share anything you think is relevant regarding your education at PSU.

Make the absolute most of your time here! The awesome Show and Tells? Go! Studio Tours? Go! Hanging with other design kids? Go! Those are some of the best ways to get real-world info, and make contacts. You know all those faces in your classrooms are your future* co-workers and collaborators, right?

*why wait until it's the future? Get working with your peers! :]
Screen shot 2010-01-31 at 8.42.16 AM
above: Pieces that Heather submitted to the review. See them here!

Please share your process for putting your portfolio together.

First, I did what I usually do when there's something scary looming on the horizon: I freaked out. Then, I made a list. Several actually, mostly on what was needed for the review, what pieces I wanted to use, what changes those pieces needed and the ball started rolling. Some things needed touchups (read: all of them needed touchups.), and nearly all of the pieces I used were multiple pages, and so I had a lot of printing. I've recently realized that the further you go in the program, the more pieces you have for each project. And sure you can show just parts of projects, but that just doesn't show you or your work off to best advantage.

I ended up buying my own printer and was so much happier for it. 2:00 am printing? Hellz yes! It's a bit of an investment as far as cost and supplies go, but I found it totally worth it. (I got the Epson 1400 and highly recommend it for those of you looking. Check it out!)

Overall, it was a completely draining, time-consuming, amazing endeavor. Best of luck!

Please share any advice / thoughts for students who will be submitting their portfolios.