Awaken yr Inner-nerd

Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 by Clifton Burt


OKAY LISTEN UP! This is Clifton Burt, aka the husband of PSU professor Kate Bingaman-Burt, here to give you GOLDEN GEMS about graphic-designy-web-related-nerdiness. I am an internet WIZARD. Beginning today, I'll be a regular contributor around here to sprinkle bits of code-related knowledge and other tech crap on you. People pay me BIG MONEY for this stuff, so pay attention to my wordz.

It's 2009, and to be a good graphic designer you need be able to rock the internet. To rock it, you must make it your own. To make it your own, you must be able to customize it. To customize it, you must be open to learning new things about it. Only then can you make it sizzle.

In upcoming posts, we'll take a look at things like typography on the web and some pretty rad ways to publish your portfolio site. And, now that you've been given permission to unleash your inner nerd, you'll need to have the RIGHT ACCESSORIES. Check out these Nerd Merit Badges from Tikaro and