Ashley Stevens // PSU Grad 2006 // SVA MFA Student

Posted on Apr 14th, 2009 by Command Save

Commandsave received an update from our intrepid and generous graduate Ashley Stevens. Ashley is busy making things happen in NYC as an MFA candiate at the School of Visual Arts



Prosthetic Arm Project for Allan Chochinov's class (Flower Arm)

Prosthetic Arm Project for Allan's class (UNI wallet to aid amputees in receiving change and handling money with one hand)

How are things going at SVA?
Things are going well during the second semester. We have begun to think about our thesis projects, and have our proposals due in a couple of weeks. For some reason, this is really intimidating and scary to me. I think just committing to one project for the year is a little bit daunting! In my Thesis Intro class, we have Jennifer Kinon of Pentagram guiding us along, which has been really helpful. Earlier in the term, we had Martin Kace of Empax who tried to help us realize how our thesis projects would relate to us as designers, on a personal level.


What other instructors are you working with and projects are you working on?  I'm also taking a class with Howard Reeves, of Harry N. Abrams, called Books: From Idea to Package to Consumer, where we create marketable books as well as ancillary products. I just recently made a book about the indie record label Merge Records, and am now working on the accompanying products. On Wednesdays I have class with Scott Stowell (founder of Open🙂 which is about information design and presenting yourself. I think that this class is most challenging, but also the most enjoyable. Scott's feedback is really articulate and always aids in a better outcome. I also have Maira Kalman on Wednesdays in a class called New York Stories. This one is really lovely because we meet at her house and she feeds us tea and cookies during class. It's always a welcomed break from the studio. On Thursdays, I've got 3-D Product Reality with Kevin O'Callaghan, where we create products for our big 1st year exibition which will take place in May. Due to the current state of the world, our theme this year is happiness, so the goal is to create products that will make people smile without being too saccharine or trite. I am focusing on unemployed fathers. This class is known for causing more than a few all-nighters. And on Fridays I've got Crossing Disciplines: Authorship and the Web with Chris Capuozzo of Funny Garbage. In this class we're creating websites which focus primarily on interaction with users within the web. 



Only one more month, and then I'm halfway done with my MFA! But there's a whole lot to do in the meantime! I hope all is well at PSU! 

Thanks Ashley!