ART Capstone: Art and Community Mapping

Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 by Command Save


Map by Chris Kenny

In this class each PSU student will be paired with a Grant High School art student in NE Portland Public Schools. The art buddies will meet and work once a week (Mondays) for eight weeks on creating mental maps of their community. Collectively the adult and the adolescent students will initiate and develop a questionnaire/survey, which will address their own personal, socio-political, historical and geographical concerns within their community. Once finished, they will share their art maps with each other and discussed ways to incorporate elements of each map in a larger collaborative art map. These maps are more conceptual than realistic or geographically correct and are intended to show how the artists think and feel about their community.



These works will involve creative planning sessions and collaboration with other students as well as with community members and will result in a final exhibit of the work. 


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