Art 254 Section 002: Importance of Comping Type

Posted on Sep 29th, 2008 by Command Save

Hello Art 254 Section 002 (Kate Bingaman-Burt's Class). Please click below to read about your first exercise.


We will read and discuss The Art of the Pencil Comp by Doyald Young in class and I will hand out a list of basic typography vocabulary words defining letterform parts. This will be reviewed in class as well. 

Materials Needed: tracing paper, masking tape, pencil and a ruler.  Please choose one serif and one sans serif typeface. I will have typefaces ready for you to trace. Place a sheet of tracing paper over selected typeface sheet. Trace over and fill with pencil. Pay attention to detail and the craft and placement of your marks. Look at your definition sheet and identify the vocabulary words to the correct character parts. Do the same with your second sheet.

Sheets Due: Thursday, October 1st

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