Annex Zine Wants You!

Posted on Oct 12th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Annex Zine wants you to draw out your favorite childhood memories

Weekly drawing sesh!
Come join the Annex Zine team every Thursday (starting October 23rd) in AB 320 from 1-2 pm (right after Show & Tell!).  Art supplies will be provided. There will be a different prompt every week, and participants will draw something pertaining to that theme for the chance to get their work included in the zine!

Cant make it to the drawing sesh? Instagram it instead! #ANNEXZINE
The weekly prompt will be published on FOGD’s instagram (@fogd). Make sure to use #annexzine !!!Also, keep your eye out for the Annex table at other PSUGD/FOGD events. Come draw with us! Stay tuned. The Annex team just might be having an off campus event hosted by FOGD! You can also email your work to

First prompt: Childhood memories.
October 12-18 draw anything you remember/that reminds you of childhood. Ferbies, scented markers, tree houses, camp, velcro shoes, bike handles with streamers on them, toy story characters, sitting at the kids table, doing cartwheels, playing dress up, playgrounds, pillowcase capes, paper crowns, YOU NAME IT!

What the heck is Annex?
Annex is a publication produced by A+D Projects that showcases the work and people involved in the GD department at PSU (students of all levels, faculty, guest speakers, associates, green room / print lab staff etc) in addition to interviews with alumni, local studios, fabricators and more!

Promo by Piper Hayworth