Annex is COMING!

Posted on Apr 23rd, 2018 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

This term at ANNEX our theme is Transparency. In this issue we would like to explore in depth who we are in the PSUGD community. We are calling on all of you for submissions exploring who we really are as designers. Vices, coping strategies, confessions, insecurities, and thoughts on how to create more honesty and transparently are all themes that we want to explore further. We also hope to recognize and draw attention to the very real victories and accomplishments of the members of our community as well. Some of the possible formats we hope to see are: short stories, essays, illustrations, comics, photography, poetry, memes, jokes, or something we haven’t thought of yet! Most importantly, be honest, keep it real, and have fun! Lets bring some Transparency to the process both good and bad of being a creative, a student and a designer in 2018!