Annex: Deadline Extended

Posted on Nov 16th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


You have until 2 pm on Thursday Nov. 19th. Any PSUGD student can contribute! Please, submit your wonderful work to We need your help! Themes: childhood memories, childhood toys, hometowns, middle school, and crushes. Work can be ANY MEDIUM! This includes childhood photos!

Last creative corner!
Please join the Annex zine team this Thursday, November 19th in AB 320 from 1­2 pm following Show & Tell. This issue of Annex is all about origin stories. Participants will create work within any and all of the themes listed above.

Can’t make it to the creative corner?
Email your submissions to and post it to Instagram using #AnnexZine

What the heck is Annex?
Annex is a quarterly zine publication produced by A+D Projects that showcases the work and people involved in the GD program at PSU (students of all grades, faculty, guest speakers, associates, green room /print lab staff etc) in addition to interviews with local creatives.