Andrew Dickson: What's The Big Idea?

Posted on Jan 25th, 2014 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

What’s the big idea?

Ideas are great, but in advertising it’s easy to confuse ideas with executions. Let’s spend some time understanding how insights lead to larger ideas that can inform an entire advertising campaign, and then break into groups, apply what we’ve learned, and share out thinking with the larger group.

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Your instructor Andrew Dickson knows a little something about writing. He writes ads for Wieden+Kennedy, performances for the PICA Time Based Arts Festival, as well as a screenplay here, a magazine article there, and a few hundred emails a day. He’s also no slouch in the getting up in front of an audience department, hosting the Moth StorySLAM once a month and auctioneering for organizations like Disjecta, the IPRC and Harper’s Playground.He also ran the WK12 program for three years. See more of Andrew’s work over on his website

To participate you must be a graphic design major at Portland State University and have successfully completed 118 & 120.