Afro Contemporary Art Class! Join for Winter!

Posted on Nov 16th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Hey GD friends! Sign up for Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. class this upcoming winter term! This course can count for your UD ARH elective or it can count as an UD GD/AP Elective.
The Afro Contemporary Art Class at Portland State University will be an exploration of
contemporary artists of the African Diaspora. We will explore the work through different
mediums including visual resources, film, podcasts, as well as live presentations from artists.
From this education about Afro Contemporary Artists students will collaborate to collect and arrange an archive of Afro Contemporary Art at PSU. Thinking through questions: What does an archive mean? What makes an archive? What’s getting included? And why is it necessary to archive this content in this way?
Students will be invited to utilize their newfound understandings as a mirror to gaze upon their own practices and will be encouraged through the class to implement new ways of thinking into their work.
The Afro Contemporary Art Class curriculum will involve class visits and presentations from local and regional Black artists throughout the term. These artists will be invited to the archive being built by the class. The guest artists will be PAID though the speaker fee for the class.
The Afro Contemporary Art Class is especially relevant for students in the school of art and design as well as the black studies department.

ART 399 – Sec 003 – SPST: AFRO CONTMP ART – CRN: 44999
Winter Term on Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00 – 8:50 PM
Institutional (PSU) Campus | Remote Instruction | Online Participation

Instructor:  Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. is black, non-binary, and practices primarily in America. Their collaborative approach results in artwork by and for the people. Stevenson’s practice has been dedicated to supporting young people ages 4 to 15 in developing the necessary skills to encourage advanced imaginative thinking and self-confident expression. They have spent the last year developing the Afro Contemporary Art Class at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School. Stevenson also has a robust portfolio of artist projects centering food and gathering around it, and new work in collaboration with currently and formerly incarcerated folks such as Gallery Blue and Tin Can Phone, a forthcoming radio show on KBOO Community Radio. They pursue these professional and creative goals passionately because they believe that empowered and open-minded young people are the best and most direct way toward ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all.