a slew of fun, interactive activities awaits you!

Posted on Oct 20th, 2009 by Command Save


In the next two weeks, you'll see many huge posters in the Art Annex beckoning you to various classrooms to engage in various activities.

Go to those classrooms! Participate in those activities!

The students of Art 470, Contemporary Design Practice, have worked together in groups for the last three weeks to develop these interactive projects based off of the theories of Social Practice Art.

This is a fun chance to get to know some of your peers while exercising
your creativity, daydreaming a bit, and getting rid of some old

"Where would you rather be right now?" Join the project Anywhere But Here in Art Annex 170 from noon to 2pm on Wednesday, October 21 to answer that  question and make a flag. We promise cookies.


On Thursday, October 22, come Release Your Inner Monster at a drawing workshop.

On Thursday, October 29, come divulge your juciest secrets (anonymously, of course) with Confessions of a Graphic Designer.

There are loads of other projects: watch for more details as I get the dates confirmed. Many of these project promise edible treats.

Stop in! Socialize! Draw with crayons.

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