Ashley Cha

Illustration Branding Page Design Package Design Portrait Photography

Hello! I am Ashley, and I am a Portland native who loves to tell a story utilizing multiple disciplines of design such as illustration, branding, page design, package design, and photography. My inspirations are a collection of childhood memories and the daily experiences in life. When I am not designing, I am usually on walks with my camera or binging on anime shows.

Why Blueberries?
It's because they're blue! And blue is my favorite color. It's also always an interesting and surprising eating experience with blueberries every time. I never really know if I'm getting a sweet, sour or tasteless one, and this is what always makes it fun for me.

  • Awake Comic: Awake comic is my thesis project which derived from my personal experience with sleep paralysis. I wanted to showcase a short episode for those who are curious of what sleep paralysis is.

  • Choco Jam is a chocolate brand that marries the idea of fruit and chocolate together like chocolate fondue and fruits. It is a series of chocolate bars filled with fruit preserves.

  • Gen Y is a wine brand that is created with the idea of giving wine a new image. Instead of being a sophisticated and romantic drink, it is wine to enjoy with a group of people. It takes on the hip language of millennials.

  • The IRCO Rebrand project is a rebrand of IRCO, giving a more lively, warm and inviting look to help promote their idea of integrating refugees and immigrations into the existing community for an inclusive and multiethnic society.