Sam Penner

Hand Lettering Illustration Branding

Pronouns: He, him, his

Sam Penner lives life with a pencil in hand. In a world full of cynicism and negativity, he desires to counter that with genuineness and positivity. He has a passion for creating good design that brings people joy. He loves working with his hands to create things people will enjoy, from a funny note to a killer cup of coffee. Sam is inspired by the music he listens to, the stories he hears, and the people he meets. He’s a Portland native and true fan of Pacific Northwest sports teams. When he’s not creating, he’s probably doing something fun in the outdoors. He’d love to meet you for a drink and he is always game for a high five!

  • Stamps inspired by famous scientists and inventors

  • Vinyl Record for Jess Glynne's album "I Cry When I Laugh"

  • Be Awesome!

  • Chili Pepper Taxonomy Poster