Raya Franklin

Hand-lettering illustration project story concept creation collaboration

Pronouns: She, her, hers

I graduated from Portland Community College with an associates of science and a major in graphic design. I have a fine arts background and grew up doing both digital and traditional illustration that I use to enhance my design work.

  • “Going, Going, Gone” is a typography project commenting on consumerism as well as the finality of the animals that are dwindling in our world. As we consume as a human society we are also destroying the world around us. The phrase in consumerism “going, going, gone” is a statement of urgency for consumers to buy before the sale is over. However, in this context it is also a warning that if we don’t make changes that it will be too late.

  • “Rag-Tag” is a fictional comic book concept that will come to full story fruition at a later date. As of now the book cover and promotional poster demonstrate the premise, color palette, and an effective way to combine type and illustration within the realm of design.
    Caption | thesis.cuts.jpg: This is my senior project on the topic of the “Wildlife and Exotic Pet Trade” and how the illegal aspects damage animal populations and further endangerment/extinction on a global scale.

  • My ballpoint pen illustrations tend to take center stage in my work. Here’s a couple examples from my show sketchbook.