Matthew Hanacek

branding typography motion graphics page layout

Pronouns: He, him, his

My name is Matthew Hanacek and I'm a graphic designer born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I
feel very fortunate to be a graphic designer, to have found my passion at the age of sixteen, and
to get to obsess over a craft that fuels my curiosity, drive, and allows me to express myself.
Within design, I've found that I most enjoy branding, specifically storytelling. Whether it's an
album release, a local business, a non–profit, a food cart on 4th street, or packaging for a
new micro beer, each brand is made up of people with a story and a need to express it

  • UX/UI for a football concussion safety app, designed for teams
    to protect and monitor their players in real time.

  • This is a close up image of a 8’ by 3.5’ infographic poster that connects four levels of information and linearly follows the discography of rapper,
    artist, and chef, Action Bronson.

  • Packaging design for an emerging family owned and operate brewery in Portland, Oregon, making traditional Czech beer from family recipes passed down as
    far back as the first known date of brewing with hops in the Czech Republic, which is the year 1088.

  • The 7” Record Jacket, the 45mm color vinyl, and the holographic sticker are apart of an album release project for Danny Brown’s fourth studio LP, Atrocity Exhibition.