Marika Van de Kamp

Illustration branding campaigns page layout

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Marika is a designer, illustrator, photographer, avid hiker, and thai food connoisseur. She enjoys utilizing a tactile work process involving handmade techniques such as watercolor painting, embroidery, or screen printing. She loves hearing other people’s stories and gaining inspiration from the world around her. Marika hopes to pursue a career in design while traveling the world.

  • An elegant rebrand for Tov Coffee & Tea, with a clean and minimal logo along with distinct packaging for their line of teas.

  • For Portland State Bike Hub’s 2019 Bike to PSU campaign, I shot photos, created posters, social media images, and sidewalk stickers to advertise the Bike Challenge.

  • Using an existing article about the phases of the moon by NASA, I created an infographic for the iPad to accompany the information and highlight key facts in an illustrative way.

  • For my senior thesis project, after months of research and interviews, I created a travel magazine for creatives with the focus on how to become a digital nomad.