Ethan Ramos

Creative typography Illustration Branding Publication design Motion Graphics

Pronouns: He, him, his

Ethan Ramos is a creative extraordinaire born and raised in Portland, Oregon. When he is not working on design projects, he is busy drawing, painting, playing music with his band, or spending time outdoors with friends and family. He is a connoisseur of things that go against the grain. Ethan loves to get away from the computer and create by hand. He is a translator of ideas and enjoys collaborating with others. Ethan is a typography enthusiast with a special interest creative hand-lettering. He is inspired by traveling, new experiences, and getting out of his comfort zone.

  • Weigh To Go—A new concept of package-free shopping which is using technology to create a system that focuses on waste prevention and reduction.

  • Know Rights—A quarterly publication presenting local news, and important issues, curated to keep busy Portlanders informed.

  • Ready To Roll—An isometric-illustration-based infographic showing the parts and processes behind the electric pinsetter used in bowling.

  • Contemporary Communication—A typographical exploration of the constantly evolving world of language and grammar.