Deidra J. McKnight

branding page layout illustration pattern making

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Deidra J. McKnight (DJ) is a relationship based Graphic Designer who is hoping to build her community while creating impactful work She has various interests from branding, page layout, illustration, and pattern making. When DJ is not designing you can find her experimenting in her sketchbooks, learning korean, and trying her best to keep her hair moisturized. DJ encourages everyone to collaborate with her on something meaningful or to simply sit and have a fun chat over drinks.

  • In order to bring more black designers into the spaces Deidra works and live in, she went and found black people working in creative fields, learned about black designers from america’s past, and tried to understand further why there is a lack of black designers in creative fields. The end result was the creation of this publication that features various black creatives and their work.

  • No produce? We got Plenty!

    In this social media campaign we aim to balance the hero, the produce itself, with surreal ness. From cityscapes to countrysides, millions of people are affected by and living in food deserts and are incapable of accessing fresh, organic produce. Plenty may seem like a mirage but we promise were real.

  • Complexion Magazine hope to challenge western ideas of who should be included in beauty,fashion, and makeup. Laid out in a unique way, Complexion hopes to bring viewers powerful contents in a beautiful format.

  • A New Fabric company excited to launch their unique and fun patterns to homeowners.