Dana Leung

Branding Visual Identity Packaging Photography Typography

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Dana’s passion is to tell layered, visual stories through her branding work. When ideating, she considers the background story to be of utmost importance when creating visual solutions for both the brand and the consumer. She is most inspired by the nuances of her experience living in two separate cultures, whether that be through food, lifestyle, or heritage. Her dream is to brand all sorts of restaurants and packaging.

Outside of academics, Dana has interned and worked at Kiriko, Biklops, and PSU Hong Kong Student Association.

  • Portland State University Hong Kong Student Association's 6th Annual Culture Show is a celebration of Hong Kong and Cantonese culture, an event where students and community members gather to learn about and remember everything that Hong Kong has to offer. The theme this year focused on Hong Kong city heritage. This theme is represented by some of Hong Kong's iconic symbols, such as its neon signs and the decorative elements of its traditional apothecary packaging.

  • The Tang Bakery is a luxury gift brand of traditional rice crackers. Its aim is to create delicate rice crackers with only the most minimal of ingredients, just as they were made in the Tang dynasty.

  • Richmond Ready is a community outreach program based in Portland, OR, focusing on creating a friendly community that is prepared for natural emergencies.

  • With its visual complexity and seemingly infinite amount of characters, transitioning Chinese from a written language into a digital language was no easy feat. This research project takes apart the history and nuances of that transition.