Amelia Rustigan

Page layout illustration packaging motion graphics

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Amelia loves music and pop culture. Her favorite projects created while attending PSU have all been music related in some way or another. She really enjoys using color to convey different emotions and feelings in her design work as well. When Amelia is not designing she is most likely attending a concert or watching a concert movie.

  • A style frame from an MTV endtag motion graphic, the MTV logo moves to the beat of a song, and the illustrations and color pallete were chosen to match the older MTV brand.

  • A music magazine that focuses on young women in pop music and each issue features a different artist.

  • An essay I wrote on the punk rock era and the typography used for album art and event posters.

  • 7” Single album artwork design for AWOLNATION’s single Run, this whole album sounds very glitchy and loud, so I wanted to make a loud design that has a glitch aesthetic.