Xuan Cen Cheng

UX/UI Print Design Branding Editorial Design Web Design

Xuan started as a print designer 10 years ago and decided to come back to school to finish her degree. She always fascinated in human-centered design and passionated about deliver solutions that enhance user experiences. That is why she comes back to school to refresh herself with newer tools and now expanding to digitals such as UX/UI, HTML, and CSS. She is excited to bring print graphics alive.

  • Deluge website
    Deluge is a portable synthesizer, sequencer, and sampler. An inspiring instrument yet their current website is very information-heavy. To solve the disconnection between the website and this incredible instrument, I created a web experience that brings viewers through an electric music journey.

  • Hey Sister Branding
    I created a weekend to inspire, empower and celebrate women. The goal is to focus on women’s business in the Portland area, by showcasing women behind businesses, shine a spotlight on their success stories to inspire and empower up-and-coming young businesswomen.

  • ToolBelt UI
    ToolBelt is an app is bridging the gap between construction workers and construction jobs. I created the visual wireframe to prototype a newer look that helps their user's experience.

  • La Finquita website
    La Finquita Del Buho, a friendly neighborhood farm who needs a little website facelift to showcase their extraordinary, warm, loving personality, which seems to be a disconnect with the current website. I redesigned the website showcasing their friendly, warm and rustic personality.

  • Kambucha
    Created the brand with a goal of targeting younger audiences, having an idea of playfulness and most importantly stands out from the over-clouded kombucha market. Using bright colors, clean typography, and texture, I managed to find the balance of playfulness yet professional. I designed a brand for kombucha with its history with contemporary asthmatic.