Mars Castro

Branding Packaging Editorial Design Art direction Visual Design

MARS CASTRO is a Mexican designer whose cultural background has influenced the loud, energetic, and narrative qualities within her work. She loves diving deep into research, connecting with others, and creating lasting experiences. Mars is looking to work with designers that value community and challenge design conventions.

    La Poeta is a hypothetical quarterly publication and physical magazine, highlighting Latinx poets across the country. This project was sparked by my interest of the art of storytelling, a trait deeply rooted in my culture. This project involved creating an engaging page layout that translated to UX/UI design.

    This project was to propose a re-brand for the nonprofit organization, Design for Good. Our goal was to bridge the gap between nonprofits and designers. The solution, to AMPLIFY the good work that designer and non profits do through colaboration. When thinking about starting a movement and making change happen, one symbol thatalways came to mind was the bullhorn, a tool used to make your voice heard umongst a crowd.

    KOI a product created as a high-end consumer good. With thoughtfully crafted slits to imitate gills of a fish, a dieline designed to match the physical form of a fish and markings created through an explosion of pens inspired by partaking in youthful traditions of sake bombs with friends.