Elisa Hung

Illustration Graphic Narrative Story-telling Animation

Elisa loves illustration. She is inspired by concept art, animation and the ocean. A lot of the themes of her works are kind of related to water.

  • Arctic Aloha
    Arctic Aloha is a cookie packaging project with Bob the harp seal being the snack mascot.

  • From Flood to Big River
    From Flood to Big River is a graphic novel that tells about the story of my grandparents' childhood during the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

  • Just Do Nothing
    A series of illustrations inspired my life attitude.

  • Kids' Drinks
    A 3 color riso-print illustration. It's not that I encourage underage drinking, it's just that these are kids' flavors compared to Vodka.

  • Post Apocalyptic Cheerful Tortoise
    A concept art illustration of a bar located in Portland State.