Briana Miranda

Page Layout Motion Design Photography Illustration

Whats good I'm Briana Miranda! I recently became an Oregonian after living here for ten years now! I tend to be really awkward and shy yet recently learned to embrace it. I believe the best way to communicate visually—for me, is to always experiment and explore new things. I enjoy research, process, craft and try to envision that through motion design, page layout and publication.

  • Lupus
    An infographic animation that explains the difficulties of having this chronic illness through storytelling.

  • Edge Skate Magazine
    A magazine publication that embraces the diverse culture of skateboarding through a modern approach.

  • The Essence of Yerba Maté
    A zine that gives information about the Argentinan culture behind yerba mate

  • Evolution of Skate Decks
    A fun booklet that can turn into one long poster which talks about the history of skateboard decks and how they have evolved through time.

  • Jiggy Locals
    Motion piece that highlights the creative style of skateboarding through frame by frame scribble animation. (Video footage was all recorded with iPhone 8 and selfie stick!)