Tung Tran

Editorial Design Brand Identity Illustration Photography

Tung Tran believes creativity is beneficial for living. He is a dreamer. He spends time on imagining and observing for the inspirations. He can draw by hand or use technology to bring the idea into life. Creative cooking is another interest such as alter the traditional recipe for the new…perhaps creepy one.

  • TIDALEAU Sparkling Water
    TIDALEAU (Tidal + Eau) has 3 different flavors and scents, Fruity Story (fruity), Spicy Urban (spicy), and Floral Aqua (floral.) The drinks have to be compellingly artistic to the senses. For this reason, painting is the primary inspiration for the discriminating style of the bottles.

  • BENNWOOD Hair Style Product
    BENNWOOD uses the Pacific Northwest culture to develop the aesthetic for the packaging and advertising campaign. Using illustrator for execution but I keep it organic and rough naturally to maintain the toughness of the lumberjack.

  • AES American Elasmobranch Society
    AES celebrates the event for wild marine life especially shark and ray. Using the idea of light reflection with water, I use radiant all over the booklet to convey the idea of protecting the beauty of the ocean.

  • UNDONE Magazine
    UNDONE Magazine is honor to represent the sneaker culture in sport, fashion and lifestyle to prove the new pop. This edition is all about the spectacular, special, and expensive pairs of sneaker. It goes from the history to the manufactory to introduce the readers to the new fancy world.