Tatyana Chapin

Page Layout Editorial Design Illustration Self-Deprecation

Although born in Russia, Tatyana considers herself a Portland native. She is most interested in editorial design and strives to evoke personality through her work. Taty is inspired by everyday interactions and experiences. In the future, she hopes to develop her skills further and work with forward-thinking individuals.

  • You’re A Bad/Good Customer
    I’ve been working in customer service for a while now and it isn’t great. It takes a lot of strength to not yell at someone who is yelling at you. To help channel my frustrations, I made a bad customer form and for those rare occasions that a customer isn’t all bad, a good customer form. Intended to be given to the customer but not recommended.

  • PAL Issue #1
    PAL is a Portland contemporary art zine amplifying queer, femme and POC voices. The first issue was physically distributed throughout Portland. While Issue #2 was never physically produced, PAL continues online.

  • Fruits I like, And Stuff About Them
    People in my life would consider me a picky eater. I’ve been asked questions like “What do you eat?” and “Do you like anything?”. This booklet was made as an answer to those questions and an informative guide. While I do like more than four fruits (and food other than fruit) at least this proves I like something.

  • Ron Finley
    Ron Finley is an artist, designer, and gardener. With an interview from The Great Discontent, Ron Finley has his story put into a short booklet that showcases his garden and hopefully captures his unique personality.