Michaela Mellmer

Screen-Printing Illustration Page Layout Branding & Development

Michaela is a visual communicator who loves the story telling aspect of design. She's inspired by the overall concept of a project, and how design can change the way the world is perceived. Clean and minimalistic illustrations are her specialty. In her free time, you can find her in a cute coffee shop or watching old vine compilation threads on twitter.

  • LASR Logo
    Lute Air Student Radio is a student-run, internet-based radio station operating out of Pacific Lutheran University. They seek to provide a wide array of music and talk shows to students at PLU, the community, and the world. I wanted to create a simple logo, resembling a the classic vinyl record player, while taking on that form with a modern and minimalistic twist. This logo is versatile, and simple enough to be placed on multiple promo pieces. From this logo, buttons, tee shirts, and stickers were created.

  • SXSW Booklet
    SXSW is a dynamic conference and festival that celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. For my booklet, I wanted to keep the layout fun, but organized. I wanted the booklet to appeal to creative/innovative thinkers, which is translated through the icon designs used in the booklet. The tabs, contrastic colors, and illustrations encourages guests to have fun and think outside the box.

  • Anthropology Magazine
    Anthropology's beautiful pages are an inspiration to a viewers everyday reflection on life; the articles specifically focus on the notion of “less is more” when discussing interior design. My magazine design presents a modern and clean aesthetic, with crisp images and a high contrast earthy color palette that ties back to the minimalist theme. The classic serif typeface and use of white space creates for a luxurious and unwinding reading experience.

  • Pip's Stamp Design
    This stamp illustration was picked in a local design competition hosted by/for Pip's Doughnuts in Portland, OR. The brand is very up-beat, focused on relationships with customers, and they provide a cozy atmosphere for the close-knit community within their shop. They decorate their storefront with screen-printed flags, so I thought a cheery message on a flag shaped design would compliment their brand aesthetic, and over-all good vibes.