Lisa Kennedy

Interaction Design Experience Design Storytelling/Branding Illustration

Lisa is an interaction designer whose background in art and science inform her approach to design solutions. She's passionate about creating design experiences that invite connection and tell compelling stories. When not designing Lisa can be found adventuring in the great outdoors.

  • Oregon Entry Wall
    The Alumni Association at the University of Oregon wanted to create a space that both recognized the alumni who have attended the University while also inspiring the future. The alumni wall is a digital wood wall installation with LED displays, screens showing campus events and energy consumption and laser etched names of the alumni who helped make the alumni center possible. While at Second Story, I designed the typographic system for the laser etched alumni names creating a hierarchy for the names based on donation.

  • Sesame Street
    Seasame Workshop was looking to create an interactive table in the lobby of their New York City headquarters to communicate their mission of helping children via educational media.

    Inspired by their mission, I used the nickname the “Longest Street in the World” to design and illustrate an unorthodox and interactive map intended to be viewed from each side of the Microsoft Surface multitouch table showcasing the global impact of the work of Sesame Workshop.

  • Descent With Modification
    My design thesis, "On Descent With Modification," hypothesizes that ideas expressed in Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species," evolved from his grandfather Erasmus Darwin's poem "The Temple of Nature" via: (1) traits Charles inherited from his grandfather and (2) through these traits being expressed during Charles’ interaction with his environment.

  • Discover Diplomacy
    The United States Diplomacy Center commissioned Second Story to create a website educating people about diplomacy and the work of the Department of State. Discover Diplomacy highlights what diplomacy is and the practice of diplomacy around the world.

    Using the globe and passports as the metaphor, I designed a dynamic HTML5 interactive map for visitors to explore and learn about the global outreach of the Department of State and people, places and issues they address. To support the content, I wrote, designed and illustrated an animated video describing what diplomacy is.