Jose Ramirez

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Jose Ramirez is a graphic designer hiding out in Portland, OR. He is a sports enthusiast with a passion for design, branding, and packaging. He loves sneakers, food and stand up comedy. When his kicks are off, he is at home with his two little dogs trying to find something to watch on Netflix.

  • Graduation by Kanye West
    Kanye West’s Graduation album was debut in 2007 with the first sight of his icon, the Yeezy bear. The main concept for this album was developing characters and symbols for each song in a minimal design that represents the name and lyrics and complemented Kanye’s style. Inspired by his hit single Flashing Lights and by the bright colors in Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour when this album came out. I used neon lights as the main theme for design. I created icons for all 15 songs to create a new look to show the albums track list. I created each character and symbol first in illustrator to ensure all of the shapes and angles were perfect and then moved them into Photoshop to render the neon. I was inspired by the bright colors in Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour when this album came out.

  • All Star Weekend PDX
    City of Roses! What other great city to hold the next NBA ALL-STAR weekend then Portland, Oregon. I have created a mock-up that has the influences of both the NBA and Portland. The colors were inspired from our very own Trail Blazers. The grand logo for the weekend will be the Fremont Bridge with half a basketball to just tie both the city and the NBA together. You have an app that will allow you to check in to many of the several events. Also give live news feed letting you whats going on around you. The poster is a free give away that comes along with your all star tickets. Another fun feature for the app will give you live video coverage of several events and highlights that you may have missed. So come on down and watch your favorite stars come and battle it out on the court. We are ready, are you?

  • What Is Your ZOOM?
    What is your ZOOM? This is a website inspired by some of Nike's top athletes. The website is inspired by movement. You will see slants and hard edges to just give off that hardcore edgy-ness and determination that athletes hold within themselves. You will see a mixture of athletes on this page to show the dominance of Nike in every sport. When you click on any of the athletes it will take you to a bio page giving you a brief history of their sport and what they have achieved. Each athlete is also color coded just to separate them from each other. The black background was put in place to set the tone and feel of the beast within these athletes.

  • Nike Launch Calendar
    I am an athlete at Nike Portland. I was tasked to develop a launch calendar that was readable and gave everyone the information they needed about all of the footwear and product releasing each week. The form is available on Hi-tail, a program Nike stores have access to which can be viewed on iPads. We have also created a video which communicated information giving our athletes more knowledge on that footwear material and significance/inspiration for it.