Damian Navratil

Illustration Comic Books Branding Band/Album Art Music Production/Performance/Writing Singing/Synth Programming

Damian is a designer, illustrator, and music producer living in Portland, Oregon. He records local bands and personal projects in his own music studio and is also a fan of comic books and graphic novels. In his spare time he strives to figure out how to be a human.

  • The Beholder Concept Art Graphic Novel
    The Beholder is a graphic novel concept of my own, this concept art book is a collection of pre-production sketches, background stories, character profiles, props, settings, type/hand lettering/word bubble/color/layout studies, and mood boards.

  • MDA Vinyl Album
    MDA is a Portland based dark industrial/electronic/metal band utilizing both electronic and analog instruments. The designs were made with a similar approach to organic and mechanical imagery, referencing the album’s dark tones.

  • Lilitu Beverage Branding & Package Design
    Lilitu is an alcoholic beverage brand aimed at anyone interested in gothic/horror culture and artwork. This product offers 3 different types of alcohol, each with it’s own character. The brand invites the consumer to be one of the Lilitu, the offspring of Lilith, mother of all monsters.

  • Sugar Rush Infographic
    Sugar Rush is an infographic tracking my sugar consumption over the course of a week, presenting helpful health facts in a fun way. The piece playfully displays candy, soda, and various sweets as cute and silly hand drawn cartoon characters in a race for the most sugar content in my weekly diet.