Alexander Tran

Illustration Layout Design Motion Design Web Design

Alex is an illustrator and designer. He has a passion to infuse art into each project. His current work focuses on illustration, motion graphics, and web design. His goal is to create unique experiences for people to enjoy through design. When not working, he's diving into personal projects to explore his creative potential.

  • Beauty and the Beast
    A beloved Disney classic is reimagined in poster format with design cues from 1700s textiles and French calligraphy. Witness this poster come to life as kinetic type using motion graphics.

  • Swiss Army
    An endtag is created to advertise the Swiss Army knife brand via motion graphics to demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of motion design in the advertising world.

  • Lend A Hand
    A new campaign is designed to enlist enrollment for Friendtorship, a course held at PSU, using hands as the overall theme for the campaign, symbolizing the very foundation that Friendtorship is found upon.

  • TruColors
    An art series campaign is imagined for Portland metro, with stained-glass art as the focal point, using illustration to portray the luminance and architecture of glass art.