Tanner Jones

Packaging Design Layout Typography Logos Branding

Star Sign: Cancer

Favorite Color: Pink

Tanner’s biggest turn ons are materials, and how they can effect your perspective of a project. He loves pushing the boundaries of projects and what can be done! He's looking for a small/medium size agency that will push and challenge him to become a better designer every day! But still let his goofy side come out. When he grows up he wants to be an art director.

  • Neon Zine
    With this project we went to the Oregon Historical Society. We were allowed to create a zine on any display. I chose to do mine on the 60's, specifically the neon signs on Portland. The pages are rise printed, and the cover is screen printed on vellum.

  • Sparrow Bakery Rebrand
    This project was in collaboration with Studio Butch here in Portland. The was a rebrand for The Sparrow Bakery down in Bend, OR.

  • 2019 Calendar
    Here is my 2019 calendar I created as a personal project. All of the illustrations were from a "poster a week" project I started for myself.

  • World's Most Annoying Passengers
    This is my taxonomy project about the different types of people you encounter on an airplane. It was originally a poster but I converted it into a magazine mockup. All of the illustrations were done separately on vellum, then digitized and stitched together.