Kate Pedersen

Production Layout Web Design UI/UX Writing

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Color: Yellow

Kate loves to create an experience with her designs and is constantly thinking about how she can set the mood. She is looking for that special job that inspires her every day and allows her to grow as a designer and person. Her guilty pleasure is combining print layout and web design in order to showcase type in an unexpected way. When she grows up she wants to design movie sets and maybe even star in a movie.

  • OK/OK
    A thesis project aiming to bring a little more happiness into people's lives. With further research, the project turned into a web presence where people can share their stories of hard times and gather inspiration and peace of mind through other's sharing similar stories. We're going to be ok.

  • Oh Romeo
    Most of us know the story of Romeo and Juliet, however not everyone has read the play due to the language in which it is written. This isn't about sharing the story line by line, but rather breaking the language barrier by creating emotion and having the viewer experience the story through each act.

  • Aurora
    Waking up early is already hard enough, and waking up before the sun rises is even harder. This product and app concept eliminates the dreaded feeling of waking up in the morning because as long as your window tells you it's light outside, you'll believe it. It's also not a bad way to set the mood, whatever that mood may be.

  • Playdate
    Remember when we were kids and saw our friends all the time? How often do you hangout with your friends now? This app will make seeing your friends even easier. It's time we play a little more.