Skyler Weissenfluh

Page Design Branding Illustration UI Design Typography

Skyler is a nerd at heart. As an avid artist and gamer, he is always looking for something exciting to do. His passions in graphic design include page design, branding, illustration, logo design, UI design and typography. Skyler lives with his cat/platonic life partner Paul and enjoys drawing, reading science-fiction books and gaming in his free time.

  • Blueberry King
    The mascot for my brand of blueberry oatmeal cookies.

  • Uwajimaya Tote
    Tote bag design for a tote bag design competition.

  • Zine Riso Prints
    A zine series that rewrites classic science fiction novels to highlight the differences in how men and women are written.

    A concept for an app that facilitates the trading of house and garden plants.