Sarah Markstaller

Photography Layout Packaging Illustration Typography

Sarah is a photographer and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon and Hartford, Connecticut. She tries to spend most of her time outside shooting or designing. She loves capturing candid and raw moments with her photography and in her design. Both are influenced by once another, and a lot of her photography can be seen throughout her design.

  • Rogue BBQ Sauce
    Rogue River Rub is a BBQ sauce brand that was created in the Rogue Valley located in Southern Oregon. The company was founded by Jack Matthews on the ideals that the great outdoors can influence the tasty flavors found in the sauce. Influenced by the rugged mountains and earthy smells, each flavor was chosen for the local smells and flavors.

  • I Will Survive
    I Will Survive-An experimental type project that creates the narrative of old and new coexisting with each other out in the environment. The letterforms were made from cardboard and grass was planted in each of them. The letterforms were taken out to the Columbia River Gorge where the wildfires were and placed among the burnt and destroyed landscape.

  • Obscurite
    Obscurite is a French Horror Film Festival based in Portland, Oregon. The focus is on horror films from the 60s and 70s that play upon the themes of sexual repression and sexism among the female characters. The black and white theme throughout the campaign incorporates the noir theme in the films.

  • Atlas Magazine
    Atlas is a quarterly travel and photography publication based in the Pacific Northwest. Its focus is on select destinations in the Pacific Northwest, along with engaging stories and photography. It covers topics such as places to visit, when to go, and a little bit of history. It has a modern aesthetic with vibrant pictures and a mix of classic an contemporary design.