Mirela Sabeva

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My name is Mirela and I am a Bulgaria born, Portland raised Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and part-time painter. I love page layout and experimenting with typography. I am also very much into simple illustrations. In my spare time and when my anxiety permits, I love to travel around the world and explore different cultures, as well as spend time with friends, family and my crazy dogs.

  • Spacecraft
    Space Craft was an exhibition curated and designed alongside Kady Fugere. The artwork in this exhibition was created by the students in the Friendtorship program, which consisted of the students from Centennial Park School, along with their mentors from Portland State University. The students were to create their very own DIY movie trailers by acting and using props they made.

  • Cologne
    Places of the World is a personal illustrative project depicting cities from around the world. This project is created for those who love to travel and are fascinated with the architecture of different places the way I myself am.

  • New Risk
    The publication New Risk, presents 2016's couture inspired by Africa. New Risk is designed with the hopes of inspiring women around the world to go bright and take more risks with their wardrobe.

  • How I Feel & What You Don't Know
    How I Feel & What You Don't Know is a double sided book focused on anxiety. One side of the book is created for people who suffer from generalized anxiety and panic attacks, while the other side is specifically designed for people who do not suffer from these mental illnesses but know somebody who does and would like to learn more.