Mimi Zink

Experimental Type Text based compositions Layout/editorial design Illustration

Mimi's specialties lie in heavily conceptual design that promotes feeling and thoughtfulness while still being anchored in meaning. She is inspired by minimalism, experimental typography/text based compositions, and layout design.

  • Sixtech Gardens
    Company rebrand for medical cannabis producer and processor. Created packaging design, logo, brand identity, and apparel design.

  • Saudade
    Pacific Northwest travel guide with custom iconography for each travel location.

  • Rhetoric Black
    Rhetoric Black is a typeface based on the fundamentals of blackletter, but with a softer approach. The purpose of this typeface was to create something that could be versatile and used in many different settings/applications. As blackletter is know to be tied to negative connotations, I tried to distance the design away from heavily recognizable features by incorporating unique curves, yet still holding onto traditional characteristics.

  • Fresh Squeezed
    Interactive packaging design that includes a twist feature to get the most out of your beverage.