Kady Fugere

Photography Social Media Strategy Branding Systems Comedic Timing

Kady walked into an art class in her sophomore year of high school and never left. Despite being a very cynical and sarcastic person, she loves meaningful connections and finds that art and design are the best way to cultivate them. You can usually find her taking photos of the sky, hugging dogs, getting stuck in a youtube deep-dive, or freaking out about sick packaging design.

  • Anxiety Posters
    In an attempt to convey how my mental disorders including anxiety and depression make me feel, I designed a brand that started with a poster series and expanded to stickers, notebooks and custom stress balls. The emotion I feel is displayed through the expressive type and chaotic layouts.

  • Poetland
    A fictional 3-day long Spoken Word Fest held in Portland Oregon—with headlining spoken word artists, panels, workshops, open mic and community events to bring together the poetry artists and admirers alike.

    For this project I created the concept and all brand materials.

  • The little White House and How I Lost It
    This is the promo for my thesis titled "The little white house and how I lost it." My thesis is the most personal project I have done to date, telling a personal narrative of losing my childhood home and connecting it to my photography of abandoned houses.

  • Spacecraft
    Working together with Mirela Sabeva, we created the branding and event collaterals for a collaborative student film in our Friendtorship program. Along with the wordmark, we created a system with a pattern and layout aesthetic.