India Myers

Editorial Design Color Design Art History Branding Art Direction

India is an Aquarius sun and Virgo moon who often looks to nature for inspiration. She values clean, peaceful design that engages the viewer through meaningful connections to the layout, type, and color scheme. When she’s not busy designing, she’s expressing her creativity through fashion and laughing way too hard at The Office reruns.

  • Golden
    Golden is a wellness magazine designed for black women to help guide them on their journeys to cultivate richer understandings of themselves and their community. My goal was to create a design that felt peaceful and harmonious to the reader by using soft, muted colors and serene imagery.

  • French For Nut
    French For Nut is a chocolate company that walks the line between traditional and playful. To highlights this, I designed a logotype by contrasting the classical typeface, Bodoni, with hand lettering. There is no logomark for this brand instead I designed an illustrative style, loose and quick in appearance, to highlight the easygoing nature of the brand to the audience.

  • It's Not What You Say It's How You Say It
    I wrote and illustrated an essay on how expressive type has been used to solve misunderstandings in digital conversations. The overall aesthetic of the piece was inspired by Memphis design, acknowledging the creation of emoticons in 1982.

  • Drink Yoncé
    Drink Yoncé is a website I fully designed and coded. The site showcases four cocktails inspired by Beyonce's branding and music. I created collages in her signature style and added an appear on hover affect to mimic the stop motions style of her Instagram videos.