Euri Oh

Branding Art Direction Retail Space Research and Ideation

Euri (Yoo-Di) is a Korean-American designer based in Portland, Oregon. She’s currently working at Uniqlo/Fast Retailing as a design intern. Through investigation and intuition, she considers cultural backgrounds and personal stories to ideate thoughtful solutions that last. She’s constantly thinking about ideas that relate to time & space, futurity, the occult, and equality.

  • Transcender Typeface
    A complete typeface inspired by an imaginary friend.

    A zine about a breakup.

  • Azn Creatives' Allyship
    Ideation, strategy and graphic collateral for a personal “dream” project from the ground up. STAND OUT! is mentorship program that aims to support young aspiring Asian-American (ages 15-22) creatives (artists, designers, musicians, and business creatives) to support and empower one another through mentorship and leadership.

  • International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence
    “AI began with an ancient wish to forge the gods.” Concepting, full rebrand with all print/web assets for IJCAI.