Elea Davison

Knitting + Sewing Illustration Grant Writing DJ

Elea is soon to enter the big ol' banging world as a fierce brainstormer and maker of creative projects. She values attention to detail, the power of the sun, and sharing all things entertaining and uplifting. Things she has her sights on: making little ceramic spoons and cups, volunteering at a raptor center, and doing a night dive to see manta rays in Kona.

  • Shameless Savers
    This is a haphazardly (with intention) photocopied collection of the biggest hustles of 2017 and 2018. Peruse the pages for resources for how to save big and join the lifestyle of the Penny Queens.

  • Thunderegg Magazine Stickers
    This was an illustration for a set of stickers for a skating magazine. This unicorn represents the edgy and risk-taking members of its species.

  • AURORA Awakening Album
    This project was handcrafted with textile and sewing techniques. The artist's album interprets the idea of rebirth in the artist's music.

  • Klaus + Chester's Kombucha
    This project is inspired by undeniable friendship and what it means to be a scoby in the world of adventure. Hand-illustrated with pops of color and jazzy lines, no one can resist this bubbly good drink!