Damaris Dusciuc

VR/AR Coding UX/UI Documentation Storytelling Craft Construction

Damaris is a designer who started out on a pirated Photoshop CS2 version and self-taught HTML/CSS tutorial sites. Growing up, she fell in love with print design and would shove her face in books (literally). Today, she still shoves her face in books, and loves to experiment between digital and physical mediums with her work.

    A multi-day event that introduces audiences to something substantial and new. The campaign aims to bring ballet to the public and show the hard work and determination of ballet performers.

    A speciality chocolate branding for a Romanian bakery whose name is derived from a Romanian folktale poem about a sky dragon. The branding circulates around the concept of vintage astrology, night skies, and stars.

    An app design for those college students that are away from home and miss their pets and family. The app connects students on campus, facilitates community, and helps students destress through meeting other students' cats.

    A creative coding project as well as deconstruction exercise. I took apart Olly Moss’ Howl’s Moving Castle poster to create an interactive website using HTML, CSS, and some jQuery. I challenged myself to implement as little jQuery script as possible, and used CSS animation for most of the moving DIV elements.