Ciera Tague

Typography Layout Community Engagement Design Strategy Creative Problem Solving

Believing that design can do good things, Ciera works to create experiences, platforms and systems that benefit our everyday lives. She cares way too much about everything and is learning to channel that into being a force for change and support.

  • DUG Campaign
    Promoting the message "It ain't about nobody, it's about everybody", I worked to create a system and campaign for Deep Underground (DUG) that showcased the talent and voices that made up DUG.

  • Typeface: Lenny Mave
    Combining physical forms and shapes found on Lenny Mave—my 1981 Subaru GL Wagon—with traditional sign painting, a fun, quirky typeface was born.

  • Keep Portland
    Using found vernacular typeography on stickers/posters and objects within a 3-block stretch of Portland, Keep Portland aims to preserve and recreate messages that reflect the voices found within Portland's current DIY sticker culture.

    Created for the Association of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Society (ASPSH), this suite of print materials aimed to simultaniously showcase Spain, Portugal, and Portland (the host city). We worked with Portland State University's Art History Department to develop deliverables that were appropriate for the audience and budget friendly.