Brooke Lewis

Tenacity Crafting Costume Fabrication Painting Illustration

Brooke is whiz kid specializing in illustration and page layout, with an interest in learning more about animation and HTML. If Brooke needs something, they are more likely to make it than to buy it–there's a lot one can do with a hot glue gun.

  • Rodeo Goats
    CD cover and CD design mock up for a fake indie-folk band. Used in a presentation of a hypothetical branding company that helps local bands.

  • We Got This!
    Promotional image for the 2016 Sophomore Portfolio Lab, a weekly student run work session for sophomores to work on their portfolio and get feedback from their peers. Each week there was different promotional material, the only requirement was the phrase "We Got This".

  • The Were 'n Tear
    Menu design for a restaurant called The Were 'n Tear Pub & Grill. This place is a location in a game of the table top role playing game Fate Core set in the Dresden Files Universe that I play in. I'm a nerd so I wanted to brand it.

  • Portland JAW Playwright's Festival
    A spread from an event brochure for the Portland JAW Playwright's Festival.