Brenda Madrigal

Research Photography Layout Branding Typography

Brenda specializes in publication design, motion graphics, branding and art direction. Curiosity and love of colors is what drives and fuels her passion as a designer. When not sitting in front of an iMac you can find her drinking lemonade, binge watching Netflix, and trying to find the best pizza.

  • Chicos
    Chicos is a research topic of understanding identities for Latinos who were either born, brought and or came with and without visa. This thesis explores the different generations dealt with identity, how there is a lack of representation in media, how America portrays Latinos and how that affects Latinos on how they identify themselves.

  • Brandon Grotesque
    A Type specimen project that was to emphasize the different weights in the typeface family to demonstrate different ways in usage of it. Specifically, I emphasize about.

  • MARS Campaign
    Going to Mars is a science event that NASA has been investing in for the last decade. The partnered with American Institute of Aeronautics + Astronautics (AIAA) to have an event for all ages to get them excited and informed about the space journey, the science that it takes to getting into Mars and what is NASA doing with the latest technology. This campaign was to get all ages groups to come to the event, as they needed promos.

  • Screen Publication
    Screen is a publication based on research that how the internet has change the way many find jobs and now many can create jobs within the world wide web. As social media has created a platform standard for not only businesses but also celebrities to be promoting either their own lifestyle and or latest film many have found a new way to get creative with earning money as the turn of the new millennium has created ways for millennials to create and finds jobs for themselves.