Billy Corona

Analog Photography Print Techniques Page Layout Fiber Arts Paper Craft

Billy loves typography, publication design, and all things craft. He's a knowledge-seeking, Polaroid-shooing, coffee-drinking, making, thinking, social introvert. He focuses on making work that combines analog and digital technology to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Billy is unapologetically nostalgic and tries not to take himself too seriously all the time.

  • Rabbit Fur Coat
    A reimagining of Jenny Lewis' debut solo record "Rabbit Fur Coat", with imagery inspired by the stories woven into the tapestry of each song

  • ALT PRO Magazine
    ALT PRO Magazine is focused on showcasing alternative analog photography processes and the artists who utilize them in their work.

  • Bathos
    What is Bathos?

    In literature, it is the abrupt transition from a lofty style or grand topic to a common or vulgar one. It can be used intentionally for comedic effect or to introduce pure nonsense.

    Bathos the typeface can be used much in the same way. Use it for big, bold, serious statements, or chill out and make the switch to something a little less stuffy.

  • Arleta Triangle Project
    A rebrand for Portland's Arleta Triangle Project – a volunteer-based project focused on repurposing a triangular-shaped median at a once dangerous intersection in South-East Portland. They now use The Triangle to host neighborhood events to bring people together and to garner a sense of pride and ownership amongst the members of their community.