Ben Horton

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Ben Horton would always rather be outside. He craves adventure, movement and fresh air, and hopes to use design as a platform to connect with other like-minded people.

  • Drew Martin Identity Package
    This is a promotional component of an identity package for local photographer, Drew Martin ( It's part of a larger series that we developed to showcase his photos, and build interest in his brand with a little ambiguity.

  • Athletic & Outdoor Connect
    Athletic & Outdoor Connect is a group at PSU that connects students with industry professionals. I got to work with them to develop their brand, and now my logo's engraved on a whole bunch of Hydro Flasks. Neat!

  • PSUGD Advising Promo Series
    This mark started life as part of a PSUGD Advising promotional series, but we ended up scrapping it for a different direction. I kept working on it, and now it's its own thing. I think it's ok.

  • PSU Athletics
    Somebody put me in charge of all the creative work for PSU Athletics for the 2017-18 academic year. I've had the privilege of designing absolutely everything that comes through the department (ticket packages, environmental graphics, promotional materials, a freakin basketball court, student section branding, presentation decks, multiple lifetimes worth of social media content, etc). These ladies seem to approve.