Alec Van Staveren

Collaboration Illustration Front-end Web Development Screenprinting Animation

Alec’s skill set includes motion graphics, web design/coding, print layout, screen printing, and character design. He embraces a DIY approach, creating bold and expressive work that doesn't shy away from experimentation. He is energized by interacting with other dedicated creators and surrounds himself with positive role models.

  • Manabu
    I was inspired the impressive amount of mascots I came into contact with when traveling through Japan in the summer of 2017. Adhering to the characterizations of wacky Yuru-kyara mascots, I created a character based on the experiences I had abroad – available as a sticker on the Line app under “Manabu’s Adventures.”

  • Festicide
    A proposed rebrand for the Portland D.I.Y. music festival. I used Letraset rub-off lettering on posters and booklets in homage to the earlier days of Portland’s punk scene.

  • Barkeno Brewing
    In creating a line of imported beer bottles from Barcelona, I sought to attract a younger crowd of craft beer drinkers by combining illustrated type / hand drawn brand attributes with a dynamic typographic layout.

  • Isometric Bowling
    For this isometric illustration, I set out to learn how a pinsetter machine works and break down the process step by step. I had fun creating a small world of bowling inspired by isometric video games.