Aaron Secrist

Layout Illustration Web Design Branding Printmaking

Aaron is an artist/designer living and working in beautiful Portland, OR. He likes: pizza, cats, art theory, the outdoors, video games, playing music, sci-fi, history, naps, skeletons, spaceships, and number 2 pencils. Aaron’s ultimate goal is to own a studio space where all his creative endeavors can come to life, including music, printmaking, illustration, and web design.

  • Forge
    A publication for the modern blacksmith, this issue of Forge Monthly contains an article on the history of the profession. The typography was heavily inspired by medieval blackletter, and the rigid layout is reminiscent of the technology during the time when blacksmithing was a common practice.

  • Lightbus
    This was a branding project for a fictional intergalactic transit service, Lightbus. The user experience was a big part of this project, because thinking about how people would actually use the service affected the branding as well as the final deliverables like boarding passes, uniforms, and signage.

  • App of Gamefinding
    The App of Gamefinding was developed to help people interested in tabletop RPGs find a game nearby. Users can host, search for, and join any games posted by other users, as well as message group members, plan sessions, and even roll dice inside the app.

  • Run Album Packaging
    A redesign for the album Run by Awolnation, this project was focused on the packaging of the record itself. The graphics on the cover were inspired by the imagery and vibes of the lyrics, as well as my personal interpretation of the album.