Ryan Morse

Branding / Identity Layout Project Management Design Thinking & Ideation

Designer by day, explorer by night.

Ryan loves using design to create work that engages, tells stories, and solves problems. His experience includes a 5-month internship in Cologne, Germany, event design for a literature event in Berlin, and serving as a designer/project manager at the Sitka Conservation Society in his hometown of Alaska. Ryan is looking to create and collaborate on meaningful and exciting projects at a studio in the Portland area.

  • quintly World Map
    While working at quintly, a social media analytics start-up in Germany, Ryan was given the project of creating an in-house world map celebrating their expanding worldwide connections.

  • The Bowerbird Project
    How can you use design and branding to promote recycling in hotel? That’s what this project sought to explore, creating a hotel-specific brand and system that was clean, adaptable, and easy to use.

  • Sitka Jazz Week
    The Sitka Jazz Week provides a space for young artists all over Alaska, Hawaii and "the lower 48" to learn with like-minded students from professional jazz artists. This brand and poster series highlights the sense of fun, playfulness, and community the Sitka Fine Arts Camp provides, capturing the spontaneity and energy of jazz through collage.